North Bend Falls

On the final day of my long July trip across Wisconsin I started at North Bend Falls. View are accessible directly from Hwy 54 in the town of North Bend but the falls are on private property.

Here’s a closer angled view of the falls. Not sure how far Mill Creek drops exactly but looks like 15 feet or more by my naked eye estimation.

Here’s the view from directly downstream on the road/bridge above.  Notice the walls along the sides – looks like there was a dam here long ago, probably why it is called Mill Creek, eh?

And again here is a gratuitous zoomed in view to show more detail. Somewhat unique versus other falls in the state because you don’t even need to leave your car to see it.

Downstream there is another large drop but you can only see the water wake vaguely at the bottom. I believe it can be reached from the nearby boat launch but I didn’t know while out in the field (aka middle of nowhere with zero cell reception). Maybe I will go back and try this part another time!


Here’s a short clip of the falls in action. Enjoy!

Lat = 44.0921707 , Long = -91.1161118 -- Show at Google Maps

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