North Bend Falls

North Bend Falls

On the final day of my long July trip across Wisconsin I started at North Bend Falls. View are accessible directly from Hwy 54 in the town of North Bend but the falls are on private property. Here’s a closer angled view of the falls. Not sure how far Mill Creek drops exactly but looks … Read more

Cox Hollow Lake Falls

Cox Hollow Lake - Cox Hollow Lake Falls

Memorial Day morning was threatening rain but that didn’t stop us from getting in a few short hikes.  First one of the day was Cox Hollow Lake Falls at Governor Dodge State Park.  From the trail we first saw the lake spillway but that isn’t why we are here. Clouds above Cox Hollow Lake are … Read more

Tower Hill State Park

Tower Hill State Park - Forest View

After leaving Governor Dodge State Park, I lost cell service (PS – Sprint is no bueno in WI), so I busted out the paper road atlas and picked the nearest destination.  This time it happened to be Tower Hill State Park.  I didn’t know anything about it beforehand but discovered the original purpose was for … Read more