Old Abe Rapids

Starting off the morning’s adventures and passed through Jim Falls, Wisconsin which has some huge rapids visible right from the road. I parked near this old abandoned bridge over the Chippewa River for a closer look.

Directly below the bridge is a huge boulder field stretching hundreds of yards, maybe even a mile or more. Large rapids / waterfall-esque drops can be seen all throughout the area.

Another one of the rapids that looks like a small shelf-type waterfall in the distance. Forgive the poor zoom as I left my other lens in the car not expecting anything like this.

Another overhead angle from the bridge above. I walked the shores looking for better access to water level but it isn’t as easy as it looks and would have consumed too much of my time. Pretty cool spot!


Here’s a short clip of the rapids in action. Enjoy!

Lat = 45.0546112 , Long = -91.2730408 -- Show at Google Maps

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