Hamilton Falls

Just enough time for one last waterfall before sundown so I made a quick visit to Hamilton Falls in the tiny town of Wilson, Wisconsin. Access is very easy by following the signs towards Memorial Park on Hamilton Fall Road. Once you reach the metal gate at Eaton road keep going until the 3rd pull-out where you should hear moving water.

Be careful shimmying down the small drainage path or you will end up on your butt (or worse). Going back up is easier by comparison but still worth some caution. Loose dirt and rocks make this much less stable than it looks.

The falls are immediately visible at the bottom of the hill. Drop is only a few feet but the ledge-style formation spans the entire width of the North Fork Eau Claire River. Wish I had more time to spend here, it’s an extremely isolated and peaceful spot!

Bonus Pic: On my way back to camp I had to pull over and take some shots of the magnificent sunset. Remember to stop & enjoy the little things.


Here’s a very short clip of the falls in action. Enjoy!

Lat = 44.7964554 , Long = -90.962204 -- Show at Google Maps

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