Rock Cut Dam & Swimming Falls

Back on the hunt for waterfalls at Rock Dam County Park & Campground near the remote small town of Willard, Wisconsin.  According to my notes this should be accessible through the campground. Nobody was available that day so I went around to Rock Cut Dam first to check for public access. Some excellent views of Rock Dam Lake at this spot.

At the dam is a very nice spillway that flows back into Hay Creek. The falls aren’t far from here but you really can’t access them too well due to thick brush. Better access is found via the campground – again make sure you get permission and don’t just go through people’s campsites!

Just a short walk on some foot-worn paths you can find the falls. Sadly the view from below is lacking unless you go for a swim. Not in the cards for me today. Pro-tip: put on LOTS of bug spray, mosquitos are ravenous here.

Here’s another perspective from directly beside the falls. Whomever owns that house up above has some nice scenery!

Probably the best view is looking directly over the falls. Overall drop is only a few feet but this is a very nice spot to check out.


Here’s a short video of the falls in action including the spillway. Enjoy!

Sorry no hiking data, forgot to start recording on my phone app. It’s not too hard to find if you look at the maps.

Lat = 44.7339897 , Long = -90.8512115 -- Show at Google Maps

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