The Dells Mill & Museum

Made a quick stop in Augusta, Wisconsin to see The Dells Mill & Museum, a historic site and a top scenic destination in the state. Built in 1864 as a grist mill it was in continuous operation until as recent as 1968.

Sadly I arrived too late for any tours or views inside the museum but it’s still impressive to see from outside. Several plaques indicate it’s status on the Wisconsin and National Register of Historic Places.

A large Wisconsin Historic Society sign can be found in the parking area detailing how and why this site is significant. Quite interesting really – never realized farmers would all bring grain to the same mill and use this journey as a social gathering. Makes sense and gives us a glimpse into how life was 150 years ago.

Behind the building you can see a large dam cascading down from Dells Millpond back into Bridge Creek. Notice the large water wheel on the left used to power the mill.

Here’s a cleaner view of the spillway. If you follow the blog I’m sure you notice I prefer natural waterfalls but this one is indeed quite scenic. Searching online it’s a popular destination for fall foliage photography and it’s easy to see why.

Lat = 44.7253799 , Long = -91.1486893 -- Show at Google Maps

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