Parfreys Glen

No more taking chances – our next destination was a surefire 5-star hiking and waterfall experience at the beloved Parfreys Glen State Natural Area.  We arrived relatively early and even got parking inside the parking lot (and not down the street!).

The trail is a 1.1 mile in & out hike that starts very easy on paved & gravel paths.  Near the beginning you can see several small ripples/falls that look like gnomes are going to pop out and greet you.  Or murder you.  Shifty gnomes…

About halfway the trail mostly disappears and you are left to hop across stones or walk through the creek.  I opted to go shoeless but my sister Emma successfully jumped without taking a swim.

Near the end there is a rock scramble that can be slippery and dangerous if you don’t pay attention.  Be sure to take caution here so you can reach the finish!

Another small trickle/falls running down the gorge walls. (If you are on PC or have a larger screen click photos for a full size high res view!)

And finally we reach Parfreys Glen Falls.  The area above the falls are closed to protect critical habitat but it doesn’t stop many ignorant people from trampling all over it.

Another view of the falls.  Had two other hikers enjoying the scenery who are more photogenic than I am.  Think they can handle the Internet fame from being on this illustrious blog?

NOTE: This isn’t my first time at this location – to see past trips & additional photos click the link here!


Here’s a short series of clips from the area.  Second video in 4K with my new a6400 – mostly playing around with settings but I’m very pleased with the quality so far!

Hiking Data

Besides the creek & rock navigation this is a fairly easy hike overall.  Best to go on weekdays to avoid the crowds – Saturday and Sunday get very busy if weather is nice!

Lat = 43.4189796 , Long = -89.6428375 -- Show at Google Maps

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