Lake Redstone Falls

First stop on the morning of the 26th was another coin-flip chance at a waterfall located at Lake Redstone in LaValle, Wisconsin.  Absolutely zero people were here on arrival around 8am and the lake was mirror still.

A large flat mound that looks like a dam / man-made feature?  Hmm thats strange, I was told this is a natural falls…

You can barely see the falls from the start of the gravel path.  It’s not far at all, maybe 100 yards or slightly more.

5 minutes later you are at the falls.  Large concrete slabs rise from the sides of the water – “maybe they used hydro power once?” we thought.

And here’s a closer view of the falls…err spillway.  It looks natural enough but when I got home on the ol’ Googler it confirmed this lake is a man-made reservoir.  No big deal but I can’t count it on my Wisconsin (natural) waterfall list.  Still worth visiting!

Here’s a short video clip of the falls/spillway in action.  Enjoy!

Hiking Data

Only recorded the trip back from the falls to the car but you get the idea.  Very easy, very short walk.  Watch out for attack geese near the beach.

Lat = 43.5869217 , Long = -90.0881805 -- Show at Google Maps

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