Perry Creek Rapids

The area surrounding Black River Falls seem to be abundant with rapids and waterfalls. My next stop at Perry Creek Recreation Area is a unique and smaller park that doesn’t seem to get much traffic. Access to Perry Creek is quite easy on a short and well maintained hiking trail.

You will quickly come to a wire rope bridge crossing Perry Creek that looks sketchy but is actually very solid. You can see the waters are a very dark reddish color caused by different minerals & tannins.

Not far up the trail is the first small rapids that runs through an “S” shaped bend in the exposed rocks.

And not far after the small rapids is the largest feature – a cascade-type waterfall that drops about 5 feet. Large rocks and a sandy shoreline are placed perfectly for taking photos without risk of swimming.

Here’s another angle from directly beside the falls. Notice how it cascades down the sloping rocks beneath the surface rather than taking a plunging drop.

And here’s another angle looking downstream from above the falls. This entire area is quite peaceful and well-shaded from the summer heat and looks like something from a story book.


Here’s a short video of the rapids & falls in action. Enjoy!


Extremely easy hike with minimal effort required. The hardest part is slathering on enough bug spray to keep swarming mosquitoes at bay. Otherwise this is a fantastic spot for a picnic and a hike to the falls. Perry Creek also drops into the Black River with a boat ramp just off the parking lot so I’d imagine this spot is ideal for river boating trips too.

UPDATE 2020-06-03: Bob from is now calling this Perry Creek Falls. I’m in agreement but leaving references as Perry Creek Rapids intact on this page because it’s too much to change over.

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  1. Wow… I blew that one… went to the rapids and did not go far enough to see the falls… saw the bridge upriver but did not realize there was a falls there!

    • Are you sure? Maybe I’m mistaken but your site shows the same photo of the larger rapids that I’m calling a “falls”.


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