Spring Camp Falls

One of the more remote waterfalls in Wisconsin can be found in Iron County at Spring Camp Falls.  Forest roads will get you most of the way, but the final “Falls Road” is combination sand box, swimming pool, and rocky road only accessible by 4×4 or quads.  Black flies were swarming today so I opted to take the mountain bike and cut down on time.

Temperatures today were still in the 80’s making the trek not very fun, but eventually I reached the goal.  Some small rapids/drops downstream of the falls.

After gingerly climbing onto a rock in the middle of the river I was able to get some good views of the falls.  Here’s what they look like from a distance.

And using the magic of zoom lens photography here is what they look like up close.  These are of the smaller variety but still ramble on a good distance and worth the visit (at least once!).


Here’s a short video of the falls & the journey to get there.  Enjoy!


I’m a total noob and forgot to record until I already reached the falls.  This data is only for the one-way return trip.  Also keep in mind I was riding a mountain bike to help save time (and to get through the obnoxious black flies quicker).

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2 thoughts on “Spring Camp Falls”

  1. Good job Adam… yes, the road is a mess… I made it all the way to the falls parking lot in my GMC van (with my wife all the way saying I don’t think you should try that)… the GMC has great clearance and limited slip! Did not try balancing on a rock to get a good video of the falls, like you did… but by “leaning” as far as you can, without falling in, at the parking lot area you can still get a decent video of the falls. Bob

    • Thanks Bob, yeah after taking the road on mountain bike I see it should normally be possible even for my Subaru but heavy rains for days before I arrived made the ground very soft and I wasn’t going to risk it solo. Absolutely you can still get great views without climbing on the rocks. Very nice area overall minus all the black flies of early summer!


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