Sullivan Falls

Continuing upstream along the Wolf River my next stop is at Sullivan Falls, an easily accessible waterfall and well worth the short walk.  Couldn’t photograph the falls from many different angles but it’s fairly large so don’t miss it.

Also looks like a popular put-in spot for a group of rafters.  Looks like fun, lots of outfitters in the area if that’s your thing!

Video (4K)

Here’s a short clip of the falls in action.  Enjoy!

Hiking Data

No hiking data, I forgot to run the app.  Short drive up the forest road and short 0.35 mile walk along the sand road to the falls.  IMPORTANT: Access to the falls is through Menominee Indian Reservation land.  You must park where the road bends & turns north and walk the remaining path to the falls/concession stand area.  Be cool and respect the land.

Lat = 45.0481796 , Long = -88.6594543 -- Show at Google Maps

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