December Falls

Ironically the terrible rainy weather created perfect conditions to visit an ephemeral waterfall called December Falls (sometimes referred to as Roznos Falls). I visited on both Saturday & Sunday and as you can see 1 inch of rain makes a big difference.

To find the falls, hike north on the Ice Age Trail / East Bluff / Roznos Meadow Trail just west of the Old Sandstone parking pullout on S Lake Road. Somewhere around the 1/2 mile mark you will see a small cove and bluffs obscured by the dense brush. The falls can barely be seen from here if flowing but are better up close. Not many photos in the rain because my lens was majorly fogging up – video below shows much better since my GoPro is waterproof.

Photographing this one is also very difficult. You have to stand on the dangerous rocky slope and can only see them from the left side. The cove falls off on the right and can only be seen from below. Overall this drops around 20 feet behind some other rocks which are also partially obscured. It is a beautiful and very unique waterfall but anything off trail here is not advised and I would consider dangerous in rainy conditions like this (ask how I know!).



Here’s a video of the falls in action. In this case I think video shows more accurately than the photos due to the wide GoPro lens and waterproof features. Enjoy!


The path below shows where to find the falls. Not a very difficult hike on the trail but heavy rain will make it much more challenging. I accidentally stopped the GPS recording so this is only 1/2 of the trip (around 1.25 miles round trip in/out).

Lat = 43.4178467 , Long = -89.6874466 -- Show at Google Maps

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