Durward’s Glen Waterfall

Took a weekend trip up around Baraboo in mid May in search of some new falls within Durward’s Glen, a privately owned spiritual retreat and conference center that is open to the public. It’s definitely quite remote but has some nice hiking trails and is located in a very quiet spot tucked into the Driftless Area hills.

COVID-19 has the buildings closed off but I was still greeted warmly by this rather friendly snapping turtle who was sunbathing right on the trail.

It’s a rather short trail to the Guardian of the Glen, a statue that according to their website is from 1892 and “assures you that God is ever present, guiding you on your journey.”

The walls of the glen tower high above the creek and provide a dramatic entrance to the route. Weather today was kind of overcast & blah but several visitors still made the journey (though not quite as far into the stream as I did).

Between the rocky walls is a small rock garden that water trickles across gently. Water levels seem fairly normal and depth is no more than a foot in most spots. I can’t find the name of this “brook” but it eventually flows into Prentice Creek.

Another view of the tall rocky glen looking downstream. The Driftless Area is full of surprising geology like this due to lack of glacial drift.

After just a short walk you can see the falls from a distance but it doesn’t look like much. The brook bends around the corner shielding better views until you get closer.

A word of warning: Surrounding lands are posted private property – stay in the stream and don’t trespass. Be respectful and cool things like this stay open for everyone!

A few steps further into the mucky waters gives better views, but there is still more to see if your boots are waterproof.

This was about as close as I wanted to get without trespassing and it’s a pretty good view. I was surprised that these are bigger than I expected and ramble across several small drops.

Another view from more of a head-on angle. Some lucky folks having this in their backyard and a hidden gem you won’t find on any maps!


Here’s a short video of the waterfall and surrounding area. Enjoy!


A very easy hike with only minor scrambling across the rocks. Of course the trip is made much easier if you have proper footwear for the creek. Dry feet are happy feet!

Lat = 43.438343 , Long = -89.5941162 -- Show at Google Maps

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