Wisconsin Spring Turkey Hunt 2020

Spring turkey season was finally here and I was able to take off an extra day for some fun in the woods! Since I have never hunted turkey before I was going in partially blind, but I did some road scouting at the start of April and decided to focus my attention around Yellowstone Lake State Park & Wildlife Areas as they seemed to have an abundance of opportunities. COVID-19 had just shut down the country about a week prior but thankfully solo outdoor sports like this aren’t a big risk. Other than not being able to tent camp this was the best reason to leave the house at the time.

I don’t have many photos to share, and I didn’t harvest a bird, but in all honesty I feel this trip was a complete success. I was in the action every single day and had sightings of birds. I was able to use a new Woodhaven Red Ninja Glass call with good success and learned sometimes it’s better to be quiet than calling too much. I had gobblers responding at times and saw lots of good sign like scratching and big ol’ Tom turds. Even roosted a few – too bad they went on private though.

You can also go back to my previous post and see more about patterning my Stoeger M3500 in preparation for the shot. I felt all my gear was well suited and was confident to take a shot if one was presented. I got that chance on the final day but stepped on the tiniest little twig and scared the Tom onto private. That was still a success in my book considering I got within 20 yards on a stalk, and I can confidently say I’m hooked on future turkey hunting.


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