Codeseven / Dredg / Circa Survive @ The Rave

Circa Survive’s Blue Sky Noise Tour. First time seeing Circa Survive and they didn’t disappoint with their amazing live presence, giant LED light boards, and confetti cannons. Crap quality pictures due to the primitive cell phone technology but was a great show. Lineup order: Codeseven, dredg, and Circa Survive. Concert Archives link here for the setlists.

Warning: Videos are poor quality but since I’ve dug them up now in 2022 I figured to share for the world. Recorded on an HTC Evo 4G which was a decent phone for that time period but obviously primitive by today’s standards. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, AUDIO FIDELITY MIGHT MAKE YOUR EARS BLEED.



Bug Eyes video:

Circa Survive

Mandala video:

Through The Desert Alone video:

Lat = 43.0381355 , Long = -87.9431534 -- Show at Google Maps

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