Badlands National Park – Part 2

Woke up freezing in my tent.  Either the wind chills got very low or my 20 degree bag isn’t quite up to par, but will make due for now.  Wind died early morning and gave way to a lone coyote howling in the distance.

Camp stove and pot work well and the freezer bag cooking method gets the job done.  Had blueberry/strawberry instant oatmeal with banana chips with instant coffee for breakfast.

Drove west from Cedar Creek camp through the Badlands and stopped at all viewing points.  Climbed part of Saddle Pass to get some elevation and determined the “difficult” rating was true – tons of scree making it a treacherous descent without my hiking poles.  Still worth it for the photos.  At every additional trail and viewpoint the scenery continued to get more amazing.

Don’t have much mobile signal and they don’t know what WiFi is out here so only posting limited pics for now.  Many more to come later.

Lat = 43.773724 , Long = -102.002604 -- Show at Google Maps

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