Joshua Tree – Belle Sunrise

Joshua Tree - Sunrise from Belle Campground

No star photos last night (overcast skies) but I did catch an awesome sunrise from camp this morning.  Not much else to say – this is what makes my trips worth the effort. After my nutritious breakfast of coffee and Pop Tarts I broke down camp and headed out for some final hiking.  Stay tuned, … Read more

Joshua Tree – Arch Rock

Joshua Tree - Arch Rock Nature Trail

Still overcast this morning so no sunrise views.  Took a short drive south from the campground to check out the Arch Rock Nature Trail.  Parking at the Twin Tanks backcountry trailhead makes this a short bit longer than signs indicate. The trail first crosses flat desert and is mostly unspectacular.  This section is only about … Read more

Joshua Tree – Cholla Cactus Garden

Joshua Tree - Cholla Cactus Garden

Today I was on a mission to make the most of my time.  Thankfully last night was freezing cold and winds gusted to 40mph which forced me to sleep in the rental and wake early.  On the positive side I was awake well before sunrise and made my way to the Cholla Cactus Garden for … Read more

Newport State Park

Newport State Park - Sunrise over Europe Bay

Two days of driving, camping and hiking have brought me from the farthest western point in Wisconsin to the farthest eastern point.  Home for tonight is Newport State Park in the Door Peninsula.  Now why in the world would I make such a stupid drive rather than staying in one spot?  Well, the new moon … Read more

Badlands National Park – Part 2

Woke up freezing in my tent.  Either the wind chills got very low or my 20 degree bag isn’t quite up to par, but will make due for now.  Wind died early morning and gave way to a lone coyote howling in the distance. Camp stove and pot work well and the freezer bag cooking … Read more