Devils Tower National Monument

Crossed into Wyoming to see the Devils Tower (aka Bear Lodge, the true / non-whitey appropriated name).  Did the 1.3 mile Tower Trail which was very peaceful.  If you ever do this yourself, find a bench and wait for all people to leave your sight.  Listen to the wind through the trees and enjoy the serene silence.  Well worth the visit.

National Park camp was full up but right outside the gate was a KOA campground.  WiFi and showers here are a welcome luxury.  I was the only tent camper and picked a spot with a direct view of the tower.  With my other camera I took many astrophotography shots (star pictures) that I will upload later.

Overnight low got down to 35-40 which was colder than expected by a lot.  Didn’t sleep well due to cold and what I believe were mountain lions eating prairie dogs (unconfirmed but that lion scream in unmistakable).  Many deer in camp which makes me doubt the lion calls but I have no other explanation. Look on YouTube for the sound they make and you will understand.

Edit: After returning from my trip I was able to process the astro pics.  Here is the one that turned out while at Devils Tower:

EDIT 2017-12-21: Added a new page for tracking visits to all National Monuments – see the list here!

Lat = 44.586851 , Long = -104.696807 -- Show at Google Maps

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