Jackson, WY

Leaving Grand Teton NP it started pouring rain.  Stopped for some food and caught a double rainbow.  WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?! (YouTube this if you don’t know the reference) Jackson is a major tourist town.  Aye at Wendy’s because that’s all I could afford. Place next door was considered “cheap” with $20 hamburgers… Lat = … Read more

Grand Teton National Park

Came into Grand Teton from the west via Teton Pass.  10% road gradients and intermittent rain do NOT make for a fun drive.  Wish I could have enjoyed the views on the cliff sides but no good overlooks/turnouts without risking life and limb.  Probably the most dangerous road I’ve been on. Weather of course did … Read more

Yellowstone National Park

Arrived at Yellowstone and the weather was very temperamental – gray skies with rain, then sun, then thunderstorms.  Drove almost the entire main circle through the park minus area just west of the southern gate.  Saw tons of bison and elk but no bears.  Saw Old Faithful and by dumb luck showed up during its … Read more

Cody, WY

Couchsurfed at a place in Cody, WY.  My host Paladin and his wife Donna were extremely friendly, knowledgeable about Yellowstone, and even made me pancakes!  Cody has several herds of protected deer that inhabit the city streets.  Upon arrival, one showed up and started eating the landscaping 5 feet away! The next morning I visited … Read more

Bighorn Mountains

Leaving Devils Tower I checked weather for Yellowstone and it’s too cold to camp (lows in 10’s/20’s).  Threw out a last minute Hail Mary on Couchsurfing.com and was answered by a guy in Cody, WY which is only an hour drive to the park for tomorrow.  Passed through the Bighorn Mountains on the way which … Read more

Devils Tower National Monument

Crossed into Wyoming to see the Devils Tower (aka Bear Lodge, the true / non-whitey appropriated name).  Did the 1.3 mile Tower Trail which was very peaceful.  If you ever do this yourself, find a bench and wait for all people to leave your sight.  Listen to the wind through the trees and enjoy the … Read more