Big Bull Falls

Continuing my waterfall quest in NE Wisconsin.  Much of this part of the journey involved gravel and dirt roads in the Fern/Fence townships south of Florence.  Passed through swarms of wild turkeys – of course this only ever happens when I’m not trying to hunt.

Big Bull Falls is my next target.  From the parking area there is a well-marked trail sign and a weather-beaten forest map (not pictured here).

The trail itself is just a minimal footworn path that is clear in some sections…

Other spots are almost non-existent, washed away, or in the case of this trip obstructed by fallen trees.  With this much fallen timber there must have been some very recent strong storms.  Hiking time was much longer because of this.

The falls are loud and easy to locate by sound alone.  I wish views were better but the best access points were completely blocked by fallen trees and high water.

Luckily I was still able to access the falls from a 90 degree side angle.  Standing on the rocks here you can feel the force of this in your chest.  Photos don’t really do this one justice, it’s much more impressive in person.


Didn’t get much footage today but here is a short clip of the falls in action.  Enjoy!

Hiking Data

Overall not a difficult hike but rainy/wet days like today can be slippery.  Fallen trees slowed me down more than anything.  Not a difficult hike but the trails are somewhat minimal/primitive so don’t expect a well-manicured park path.

Lat = 45.7981682 , Long = -88.4076691 -- Show at Google Maps

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