Meyers Falls

Florence, Wisconsin is packed full of waterfalls and rapids.  From Big Bull Falls in my previous post I drove to the next river over and found 2 more in the same area.  The first of these is Meyers Falls.

From the small parking area, you only have to walk down a small hill maybe a few hundred feet to reach the Pine River.

Looking upstream from the rocks along the shoreline.  The river is relatively narrow at this point but is moving huge volumes of water.  Notice the family on the other side? You can access the falls on public land from both directions.

Standing next to the bottom of the falls it narrows even further and the water becomes more violent.  Exercise extreme caution not to fall in!

Downstream from the falls the river widens out immensely.  Leaf colors surrounding this spot were magical.  Dark clouds threatened rain all day but it never did beyond some light drizzle.


Here’s a short video of the falls in action.  Please excuse the bad camera action, my tripod was jammed up with sand.  Enjoy!

Hiking Data

Super short hike here.  Most people should be able to access the area but you should exercise extreme caution around the river as the rocks can be slippery and you could die if you fall in (no joke).

Lat = 45.9001503 , Long = -88.4354782 -- Show at Google Maps

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