Bull Falls (Florence)

From the parking area at Meyers Falls the trail forks.  Taking the other path leads to Bull Falls.  This isn’t your typical falls that has a sudden drop – instead it rambles over 100-200 yards.  Overall drop is something like 15 feet.

Water levels appear very high, photos I have found online often show more exposed rock and pronounced “falls”. (Don’t forget to click the photos for a larger full-screen view, its worth it!)

Another view looking downstream.  Nearly impossible to get everything in one frame since it stretches out so long.  Autumn colors here were amazing!


Another short video of the falls on the Pine River.  Enjoy!

No hiking data this time, forgot to record it.  It’s only like a 50 yard walk from the parking area.  Another waterfall checked off my Wisconsin list, on to the next one!

Lat = 45.8980942 , Long = -88.4112396 -- Show at Google Maps

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