Breakwater Falls

Breakwater Falls - Main falls

The Pine River running through Florence County has plenty of waterfalls and today I would be visiting several.  Next stop is Breakwater Falls which sit below the Pine River Flowage & WE Energies hydroelectric dam.  Access can be found from both north & south shores but as you will see it’s likely better viewing from … Read more

LaSalle Falls

LaSalle Falls - Looking downstream over the main falls

LaSalle Falls is my next destination and is not far from the last stop at Washburn Falls.  Trail is very easy to find at a large parking area with well marked signs, maps, and even paper pamphlets. This area on the Pine-Popple Wild Rivers is managed by the Wisconsin DNR and is open for many … Read more

Bull Falls (Florence)

Bull Falls (Florence)

From the parking area at Meyers Falls the trail forks.  Taking the other path leads to Bull Falls.  This isn’t your typical falls that has a sudden drop – instead it rambles over 100-200 yards.  Overall drop is something like 15 feet. Water levels appear very high, photos I have found online often show more … Read more

Meyers Falls

Meyers Falls - Looking Upstream

Florence, Wisconsin is packed full of waterfalls and rapids.  From Big Bull Falls in my previous post I drove to the next river over and found 2 more in the same area.  The first of these is Meyers Falls. From the small parking area, you only have to walk down a small hill maybe a … Read more