LaSalle Falls

LaSalle Falls is my next destination and is not far from the last stop at Washburn Falls.  Trail is very easy to find at a large parking area with well marked signs, maps, and even paper pamphlets.

This area on the Pine-Popple Wild Rivers is managed by the Wisconsin DNR and is open for many uses besides just viewing the falls.

One huge benefit of DNR managed areas?  Incredibly well maintained hiking trails.

Another view from the trail.  As you can see, July in Wisconsin is about the peak of foliage cover.  Everything is neon green and alive.

After 1 mile you reach the Pine River and the falls.  Here’s a view looking upstream from the “main” viewpoint nearest the largest drop.

Another photo zoomed in.  The falls start several hundred yards upstream with multiple smaller drops.

Here’s a view looking downstream over the largest section of the falls.  Water is moving very powerfully here, you do not want to fall in!

If you hike just a few steps around the corner there is a small viewpoint atop the rocky cliffs.

A bit harder to capture on camera but here you can see the bottom of the falls from high above.

Another view looking through the trees from further down a spur path.  Couldn’t find a way to get all the way down – it’s quite dangerous here along the rocks but very beautiful!


Here’s a short video of the falls.  Enjoy!


This hike made me quite happy to finally put some miles under my shoes – most recent hikes have been very short.  Distance of 2 miles round trip and not very difficult.  On a warm day like today it was a nice stroll through the shaded woods.

Lat = 45.831131 , Long = -88.2901001 -- Show at Google Maps

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