Washburn Falls

It’s now July 2nd and the first stop is at Washburn Falls near Fern, Wisconsin in Florence County.  Weather is nice albeit warm in the low 80’s with abundant sunshine.  After a short drive down forest roads the trail head is easy to find right off a gravel parking area.

The hike itself is short and fairly unremarkable but pleasant.  There are small rapids for a good distance upstream of the main falls:

Here is a view of the largest single drop standing directly to the side.  Water levels on the Popple River seem to be holding moderate to high based on other photos I’ve seen online.

Downstream view from the “main” drop.  The lower section is largest overall but is more of a cascade down multiple smaller drops.

And here’s the best view I could get of the lower section.  Realistically this is nicer than the camera can capture – I was trying not to slide down the cliff for the shot, don’t be dumb & dangerous like I am!


Here’s a short video of the falls and the journey to reach them.  Enjoy!


Very short & easy hike with a good reward.  The ascent/descent is mainly where I tried exploring down to the water level but you can enjoy more safely from a distance with less work.

Lat = 45.8115311 , Long = -88.3649292 -- Show at Google Maps

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