Armstrong Creek Rapids

Last stop of the day is at Armstrong Creek Rapids, a smaller feature but significant for the conservation and historical aspects.  Seen here is Red Bridge, one of few remaining pony truss bridges, and a structure on both Wisconsin & National Historic Registers.

Red Bridge itself no longer spans across Old 101 road – that was replaced by this more modern structure.  Armstrong Creek flows below and didn’t always look so good.  Today it’s listed as a class 2 trout stream once again.

Here are the main rapids on Armstrong Creek.  Very nice to see but of course not a towering 100 foot waterfall.  Not everything needs to be extreme to hold beauty though.

There are 3 informational signs at the bridge which give history on why this is significant.  I’m including them here as I couldn’t find them anywhere else online and they are starting to wear from weathering.  The first one details bridge restoration efforts to preserve the pony bridge structure.

The second details stream restoration efforts.  Previous construction on Old 101 road left this in quite a bad state.  Thanks to efforts from UW-Stevens Point, USDA Forest Service, and the Town of Armstrong Creek, sediment and old culverts were removed to restore the ecosystem providing habitat for the native brook trout.

Final sign shows how they restored the Old 101 road by removing a dangerous curve and creating a more modern paved bridge for vehicle traffic.

That’s all for today – out of daylight and the rain is still coming.  Back to camp for more adventure tomorrow.


Here’s a short video of the falls/rapids in action.  Enjoy!

Lat = 45.6411362 , Long = -88.4465866 -- Show at Google Maps

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