Governor Thompson State Park

Northern Wisconsin fall colors were calling my name.  It has been too long since my last camping trip and I aimed to remedy that.  Aided by a long 3-day weekend I packed the car and headed for the forests.  Quick pitstop on the way at Titletown Brewing Company in Green Bay for an elk burger and sweet potato fries (not a bad start to any trip).

Several hours later I arrived in Crivitz, Wisconsin at Governor Thompson State Park.  This would be my home base for the next 2 nights.

Skies are gloomy and the forecast of rain hangs over the entire weekend.  I set up camp and found I was the only person in the southern loop (site 96 I think, awesome campgrounds).  It was already early afternoon and light would be fading soon so I hit the trails.

I decided to make a modified loop starting from the visitor center on the Whipporwill Trail.  Would connect back on the Granite Path, ForestView, and PineView trails that at some point or another all run together.  Views are already looking good!

More foliage shots from the trail.  If this isn’t “peak” color it has to be close.  Seems our autumns only last for a week or two any more due to climate change extremes (stays warmer later, sharp drop into cold winters).

Maple leaves are bright red and extremely vivid.  Notice the other leaves below this one which have already browned.  Winter is coming.

Throughout the park there are several rock features that seem to pop up from nowhere.  This one is called Popple Rock.  Views at the top are obstructed but still worth a climb to check it out.

Wildlife is abundant here.  Had several whitetail does following me on the Granite Loop and they didn’t spook at all.  Beavers were swimming near the picnic area on Woods Lake.  Large toads sat in the grass on trails without much fear of predators.

From the beach at Woods Lake you can see Paust Lookout in the distance.

One last look at the reflections across Woods Lake before completing the loop.  This is what I came for!

Hiking Data

Overall this area is very easy to hike.  Notice the elevation over 4 miles changed less than 100 feet – very flat.  Definitely typical of most Wisconsin hikes in areas where glaciation flattened the land.  Still a very nice walk in the woods!

Lat = 45.3298111 , Long = -88.2290573 -- Show at Google Maps

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