McClintock Falls

Last night at Gov. Thompson SP was colder & wetter than expected, had to sleep in the car for a bit to stay warm.  On the bright side I was wide awake at sunrise and ready for adventure.  First stop was McClintock Park in Marinette County in search of McClintock Falls.

Several large wooden arch foot bridges cross over the Peshtigo River to an island.  The river is wide here and bridges span 30-40 feet (or more) by my estimation.

Views up and down stream from one of the bridges are worth the trip alone.  Color’s aren’t quite peak here yet but getting close.

On the west side of the river there is a small spot marked off as “Environmental Area” as a sensitive ecosystem.  Be sure to respect these signs if you ever find one so that future generations can enjoy things too.

Far back in the marked off area there is a tiny waterfall over the rocks.  Not an official waterfall but still fun to see.  Even with a zoom lens I could only get this close.

The main “falls” are a series of rapids on the Peshtigo River.  The river height does drop but since it stretches across maybe 100 yards it isn’t what you typically would think a waterfall looks like.  The current is powerful here, definitely no swimming!

Back at the parking lot, the woods gave the perfect backdrop for some automotive glamour shots.  First pics of my Forester with the new wheels & AT tires that should help me adventure deeper into the wilderness.  Stay tuned, more waterfalls coming up!

Hiking Data

This spot is extremely easy to access via McClintock Park.  Hiking across the island poses some tripping hazard from exposed tree roots but otherwise most people who don’t have physical limitations should be able to do this.  Would definitely go back here and explore in more depth!

Lat = 45.4767265 , Long = -88.329483 -- Show at Google Maps

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