Kremlin Falls

One last waterfall before the sun sets today.  Just off Hwy 8 in the town of Pembine, Wisconsin you can find Kremlin Falls.  This one is pretty obscure but worth the visit.

The falls stretch over quite a distance – maybe 100 yards or so – with the largest single drop right at the top (I don’t have measurements but would guess 15-20 feet)

Reverse angle looking down from the top for some perspective on how the drop stretches horizontally along the river.

Downstream at the end there is one final small 2-3 foot drop.


Short compilation of the falls, enjoy!

Hiking Data

Hiking here is very short and easy to access, although the directions to get there are a bit obscure.  Suggest parking to the north of the train tracks in a small gravel pullout (and don’t take my word for it, do your own research to make sure you aren’t trespassing on private property).

Lat = 45.6398697 , Long = -87.9466324 -- Show at Google Maps

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