Prairie River Dells

10 days off, full tank of gas, all camping reservations booked.  Next series of posts will cover my 2,000 mile trip across northern parts of Wisconsin in search of hiking, waterfalls, and general adventure.  Let the July road trip commence!

First stop is a minor detour to Prairie River Dells to cross another “waterfall” from my checklist.  This one isn’t a waterfall necessarily but a series of large rapids.  This can be accessed within the Prairie Dells Scenic Area northeast of the town of Merrill.  Water levels today seem low and brush is abundant.

This may not be the ideal time of year to visit since all the foliage is vibrant green and overgrown.  Views are largely obscured but you can still spy some of the rapids from above.  Cliffs are very steep without many paths to the bottom so decisions were made to move on.  Marking this one for possible future return.

Hiking Data

Short hike that is very easy unless you decide to start climbing down the cliffs (not suggested unless you know what you are doing!).

Lat = 45.2557983 , Long = -89.5626221 -- Show at Google Maps

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