Washington Island – Breakfast Stop

Left Newport State Park and made a beeline for the ferry to Washington Island.  Spent a few hours driving around the island just taking in the scenery.  Not many photos to share other than these fantastic Barkräm Pankaka I ate for breakfast at the Sunset Resort.

What’s a Barkräm Pankaka?  Icelandic pancakes that are delicious.

Posters of the ferry schedule & park map of Rock Island State Park.

Large sign for the ferry to Rock Island which is my next stop.

Realized you can easily spend entire days here so I passed this over for now but will likely return.  The island is quite beautiful and you can easily get trapped doing touristy-things and shopping at the stores.  Main goal of this post is to drop a pin in my interactive hobo map.

Lat = 45.3599205 , Long = -86.9451981 -- Show at Google Maps

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