Waupee Creek Rapids

Slightly off the beaten path, my next destination is a small waterfall in the far southern Nicolet National Forest near the town of Mountain, Wisconsin to visit a small tributary called Waupee Creek.

Forest service roads are the only access.  While they look muddy & dangerous, the base is actually made of crushed granite and is passable by most vehicles.

Access to the creek is not far from the gates.  Brush is dense here but thanks to the leaves falling visibility is higher than normal.  You can see the rapids stretch for about a hundred yards.

No groomed hiking trails in this area – any access downstream requires bushwhacking.  Thankfully the main falls called Waupee Creek Rapids are not far off the bridge.  Access down to the water poses good risk of getting wet.  This is about the best photo I could take given the terrain.

Gratuitous car porn time.  So happy with the new wheels & tires – no more soccer mom vibe!


Here’s a short video of the rapids/falls.  Enjoy!

Hiking Data

Not very hard to reach the falls distance-wise but does require bushwhacking.  Make sure you bring bug spray and watch for ticks!

Lat = 45.1709595 , Long = -88.4178391 -- Show at Google Maps

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