Bagley Rapids

Just down the road from Waupee Creek Rapids is Bagley Rapids, another feature that should probably be named as a “falls”  Access is fairly easy via the Bagley Rapids Recreation Area campgrounds.

Here’s a closer view.  You can see there is a clear drop that is more than just a rapids.

Views upstream aren’t bad, leaf color change is in full swing.  Another waterfall checked off the list!


Here’s a short compilation of the falls.  For once I think video angles may be better than my photos.  Enjoy!

Hiking Data

Access is quite easy and this isn’t much of a hike.  I parked in one of the nearby vacant campsites and made sure not to stay long in case someone was planning to camp there.  Please follow rules & be respectful of campers if you visit!

Lat = 45.1563148 , Long = -88.4691238 -- Show at Google Maps

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