Carney Rapids

Very quick stop at Carney Rapids on the North Branch Pike River near Dunbar, Wisconsin.  It’s called a rapids but actually drops a few feet enough to call it a waterfall.

Here’s the view from the road/bridge above – no hiking required, just park on the shoulder and walk a few steps.  Not much else to see here as the surrounding lands are all private but still a good stop to enjoy the scenery.


Here’s a short video of the rapids/falls in action.  Enjoy!

Lat = 45.6238403 , Long = -88.165947 -- Show at Google Maps

3 thoughts on “Carney Rapids”

  1. Happy to see one of the logs is gone… there were two there when I visited… hopefully the spring thaw this year will get rid of the other one! A really nice “rapids”-“falls” to see!!! And don’t miss 4 foot falls just 1/4 mile downstream from Carney Rapids!

    • Definitely a nice place to visit and agree it’s also a good time to see Four Foot Falls! Just posted that destination at

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