Four Foot Falls

Continuing down the Pike River our next stop is at Four Foot Falls.  The narrow entrance road is basically across the street from Carney Rapids and the parking area can be very soft & sandy.  You can get here in a normal car but something with high clearance isn’t a bad idea.

The hike isn’t very long or difficult but is mostly just small sections of mud.  Be prepared to get dirty & try not to hike around the trails causing damage to the plant life.

At the furthest upstream point the rapids start with a small ledge-type falls.  Here’s the view looking downstream over the drop.

And here’s the view from directly besides the ledge.  The river is relatively narrow here with less water volume than upstream.

Only about 20 yards downstream is the main Four Foot Falls.  The shape here is extremely unique compared to all others I have seen as most of the water drops in a large crack/crevice directly in the middle of the river.  Not a huge drop but worth the trip!


Here’s a short video of the hike & falls.  Enjoy!


Forgot to start recording on my GPS app, sorry.  Hike is not very long or difficult.  Be prepared for all the muddy sections.

Lat = 45.6228218 , Long = -88.1591492 -- Show at Google Maps

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