Dells of the Wisconsin River

Our next hike was another 50/50 shot – this time we are trying to see the waterfalls at Witches Gulch from above without paying the $30 boat tour costs.  Trail head can be found north of Chula Vista resort on River Road and is simply labeled on maps as “Dells of the Wisconsin River“.

No complains about the trail itself – very peaceful area with low traffic covered in plentiful pine trees.

Found some neat green shelf fungi growing out of a broken branch on the ground.  Never seen green ones like this.

Not far away there were strange bugs with a white head and black spot in the middle hovering around a pile of goo.  Found out when I got home these are American carrion beetles that feed on fungus or flesh.  Not sure which category the goo falls under.

Once again we are thwarted by DNR signs posted that this area is closed.  Odd though – how can part of a State Natural Area be private property?  I called the DNR months ago and they couldn’t tell me either.  I speculate that they lease this spot to the boat tour company and in return earn a substantial income.  The irony of this will shine through in my next post…

Hiking Data

A short and pleasant hike.  While in the field I didn’t know we could access the cliff sides on the Wisconsin River from here – probably a good idea to hike the actual loop for some awesome scenery.

Lat = 43.674614 , Long = -89.7888565 -- Show at Google Maps

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