Eighteenfoot Falls

More falls in Marinette County but sadly this shortened due to rain.  Quick stop at Eighteen Foot Falls in Dunbar, Wisconsin.  Trail is only 300 yards but does include some short challenging rock sections.

Second signpost at trail head warns of DANGEROUS OVERLOOK so naturally this one must be good.

View at the top of the falls is quite nice and this is definitely of the larger variety in our state.  However due to the rain I couldn’t get to the bottom safely along the rocks, nor could I locate hiking paths that didn’t look like extreme danger.  Will have to revisit on a calmer and drier day.  This photo only shows the top half.

One unintended benefit is that I had more time to take gratuitous car photos.  Darkened skies gave quite the dramatic look and my windows almost look limo black.


Here’s a short video of the soggy hike and the top of the falls.  Enjoy!


Not a very long hike at all but there are some spots that could be challenging for people with bad knees or fear of heights/falling.  Overall still fairly easy (for me at least) and worth the trip.  Frankly the drive to get here is the most challenging part depending on your vehicle.

Lat = 45.5872879 , Long = -88.1295776 -- Show at Google Maps

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