Gile Falls

Quick stop but a surprisingly good one at Gile Falls in the very small mining neighborhood of Gile in Montreal, Wisconsin.  To be perfectly honest I’m not sure what parts of this area are private property or public (all the maps I find are in disagreement) but there are historic signs  for the Penokee Iron Range Trail and footpaths nearest the park.  Don’t take my word for it – be sure to check for yourself before trespassing if you visit.

It’s a relatively short walk to reach the falls and you will hear rushing water quickly.  Shown here are the fantastic upper falls as seen from a distance.  Again I’m sure you can see this from other angles but public/private property lines are blurred here so I visited only briefly.

And from nearly the same spot here are the lower falls section.  The upper falls has a more pronounced single drop whereas the lower part drops farther across a distance of maybe 100 yards.  All around here are old businesses and houses – just driving by you would never know this existed!


Here’s a short clip of the falls in action.  Enjoy!

Lat = 46.4301109 , Long = -90.2269974 -- Show at Google Maps

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