Allequash Creek Falls

From Jennings Falls in Florence I was making a drastic change in direction and heading west towards the Ashland area. On the way I decided to take the scenic route across Hwy 70 and the backroads through the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest (which I don’t have pictured here but it was a fantastic rustic drive and the colors were WOW!). My next destination is Allequash Creek Falls in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin. Access is very easy through the South Trout Lake Campground.

Allequash Creek runs through a culvert under the entrance road to the camp. Looking upstream here is nice but you can’t see falls right away. You can hear some rapids or moving water though. Let’s investigate further…

Looking downstream on the creek you can see it drains into Trout Lake and there are some small rapids or falls. Walking just up & around the campground dumpsters you can easily reach them for a closer look.

Here’s the view standing directly besides the creek outlet. Very small falls, drops maybe a foot. Nothing spectacular but nice.

Trout Lake also looks quite nice and today being a weeknight is nearly vacant. Much larger lake than I expected and waters are crystal clear. Wish I had my kayak with me!

At this point I knew there are likely more falls on the creek but we didn’t know the specific location. I walked back up & around on Lake Shore Drive and found a bike path & bridge running across the creek. There are small rapids underneath the bridge but nothing worth showing (you can see them in the video below but don’t expect much). I can still hear more falls nearby.

I did find some footworn paths going into the woods from Lake Shore Drive. It isn’t far to hike, maybe 100 yards? Let’s check it out.

I did find another falls but viewing from the north side isn’t ideal – too much brush and deadfall. Let’s try that again from the other side.

Walking back around to the boat launch area, I walked up through the campground (which is closed right now due to the season) and then continued up the campground trail. Assuming you are walking east on this trail (i.e. away from the lake), look for campsite #13 on your right side.

From campsite #13 look back across the trail and you will find a faint footworn path into the woods. Take this to the river and be aware it can get muddy closest to the water. Don’t wear your Sunday shoes!

And here’s a view of the “upper” falls from the campground side. This is the best complete view from afar but you can get right up next to them if you wish. Again quite small but a nice pair of tiny falls in a quiet secluded area.


Here’s a video of the falls in action and where to find them.

Hiking Data

Easy “hike” or walk. You can see where I tried reaching the falls from each direction. Not very long or difficult.

Lat = 46.0232735 , Long = -89.6545029 -- Show at Google Maps

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