mewithoutYou @ Lincoln Hall

2022 getting started with some winter concert action at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, Illinois to see mewithoutYou. I bought the tickets back in October when the tour was announced being optimistic that COVID-19 wouldn’t ruin it and thankfully, other than the opener Unwed Sailor dropping off due to positive tests, the show went on (mostly) as planned. I’m not too jazzed to attend events like this right now but attendance required vaccine proof + masks (with emphasis on K95) so that’s about as safe as it can get jamming a bunch of people in close quarters.

Due to arriving late, being by myself, being too damn old to push up front, and taking consideration for how COVID-19 spreads, I decided to just hang out in back. Figured this would be a good test for my new-ish iPhone 13 Pro in low-light events just like this (it’s a tool for my photography hobby, not trying to flex so don’t be hatin). link here.

Cropped To Stage Photos

These shots are tighter to the stage so you can see the band and the amazing Brother, Sister graphics. Hard to get clear focus in low light but keep in mind I’m completely against the back wall of the venue some 50 feet or more away. Smartphones have sure come a long, long way. First three are nearly the same except the last one where I got a rare glimpse of Rickie in the back.

Here’s one where the lighting has a more white/neutral hue showing the backdrop colors and Aaron on the accordian.

Last one isn’t a particularly good photo but I’m including it because Aaron looks like a ghost in the pale blue lights. Believe this was during encore as he played two songs solo on the acoustic before the rest joined and played another 5 songs.

Wider View Photos

These shots are the wider angle to show how things looked across the entire music hall. Lighting effects were white, blue, red, and a purple/pink hue when all blended. Combined with the vibrant backdrop it was almost blindingly colorful in a good way.

Instagram screenshots

Sharing a patchwork of Instagram screenshots I had on my phone leading up to the shows. Seems the band was just as excited as we were to be playing with a live audience again. Proud of them for being quite cautious around COVID-19 and making the shows mask + vaccine required.

Lat = 41.9259148 , Long = -87.6498108 -- Show at Google Maps

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