2019 December Trip Begins @ Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona sucks

Winter of 2019 I had vacation time to burn and nothing in particular to do. Decided to book last minute flights to Arizona and check out the sights and hopefully warm sun of the southwestern deserts. This post isn’t anything exciting (mostly just here so I can drop a pin on my super-cool hobo map … Read more

Joshua Tree – Skull Rock

Joshua Tree - Skull Rock

Quick stop at a popular attraction called Skull Rock.  Assuming you can find a parking spot on the roadside pullout, access is extremely easy by walking about 100 feet. Why is it called Skull Rock?  Pretty obvious but it looks like a skull. Shocking right? Some trails run through here but I passed to get … Read more

Sitting Bull Falls

Sitting Bull Falls - Main Falls

Climbed out from Carlsbad Caverns with enough daylight left for long-shot destinations.  Where am I headed next?  Upwards into the mountains a bit in search of places less traveled.  Clouds were getting moody and threatening rain – not much fell, but the backdrop they provided was fantastic. Sitting Bull Falls If you follow this blog, … Read more