Bull Falls (Amberg)

Bull Falls in Amberg, Wisconsin is yet another amazing sight to behold in Marinette County.  The trail to the falls is almost unrecognizable in the overgrown grass and brush, but following a path to the left of huge power poles will get you there.

Views upstream of the falls at a distance are surprisingly mild.  You might not even think a waterfall exists here if not for the loud roar of rapids.

Not too far downstream is the main viewpoint of the falls atop rocky cliffs.  Be sure not to slip into the river here, it would be a painful fall.

Here’s a closer shot of the top part of the falls.  The river constricts in width here creating a huge rush of water that is moving very fast.

The largest single drop is at the bottom half.  Here’s the view standing directly to the side.  Water levels seem very high today – I’m assuming you can see more rocks uncovered in the dry seasons.

Looking downstream provides some fantastic scenery.  Humid conditions today resulted in a dense foggy cloud above the cooler river which look great in photos!


Here’s a short compilation of the falls.  Enjoy!


Not a long or difficult hike, well worth the visit.  Be sure to wear pants & long sleeves and check yourself for ticks as it is wildly overgrown.

Lat = 45.4982567 , Long = -87.9762421 -- Show at Google Maps

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