Amundson Park Falls

Starting off 4th of July this year at the small Amundson Park in Sparta, Wisconsin to check out a small waterfall. The park isn’t very large but it does have amenities for hiking, biking, a dog park, and an archery range amongst other recreation activities.

Only about 100 yards from the parking lot the gravel trail takes a bend as it meets the LaCrosse River. There is a small canoe/kayak launch and a turnaround area for vehicles. Waters here are shallow and popular with trout fishermen.

Just around the bend, the trail rises up and across The Five Shovelmen Bridge, a project by the local community and a silica sand mine. The dedication plaques detail how this connects the park trails to other bike trails in the area.

Standing atop the bridge you can look down and see Amundson Park Falls. It’s not a huge falls but still worth visiting as it is a very peaceful and quiet area.

Here’s another view standing directly beside the falls. Overall the drop is only a couple feet.

And here’s a view from downstream of the falls. You can see the bridge in the background and the trail running across the other shore.

I came upon a family of canoe paddlers today and took pictures for them before they set off on their journey. Almost every boat was loaded up heavy with coolers – must be calm waters downriver, not a bad way to spend a nice summer day!




Very short walk and completely on the park’s gravel multi-use trail. The trail has minimal elevation change and people of all ages and skill levels should be able to access this area with little effort.

Stats for nerds below. Again, it’s a very short trip of only 1/2 mile round trip and incredibly easy to walk.

Lat = 43.9296875 , Long = -90.8457336 -- Show at Google Maps

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