Trout Brook Falls

Morning of October 2nd and it’s a bit overcast and dreary, but that makes for great hiking weather. Today we start with a teeny tiny “falls” found via hiking a nice gentle section of the North Country National Scenic Trail in Foster Junction, Wisconsin.

The trail starts just off Kornstead and North York Road and is clearly marked by the typical National Scenic Trail markers. Park in the wide spot of the road’s shoulder and get a move on!

Fallen leaves cover much of the path today but it isn’t hard to find the route. Colors are just passing peak but alternate between the dark auburn covering the ground and vibrant yellows waiting to drop soon.

Other than the gorgeous forest scenery there isn’t much to share about this trail. Elevation change is minimal and stem counts are dense. There was once large drainage that appeared to have recent rock work done to the culvert. Nothing moving today, but I’d imaging after a heavy rain or maybe snow melts that this too could be an ephemeral stream or some type of rapids.

Our destination arrives at the end of a very straight and manicured section that is more of a maintenance access road than trail. However, this does set up quite the dramatic view of a small bridge crossing the brook.

The wood and gravel here are very new and in perfect condition. I wonder how long ago this was repaired or constructed…

Immediately below the bridge we find the “mighty” Trout Brook Falls. It’s more of a small rock stack than a rapids or even a falls, but they call it a falls so who am I to argue? It’s a nice walk in the woods though, and any reason for a good hike is worthy in my opinion.

The return trip is the same route but be sure to watch for the “trail” sign on the tree so you don’t make a wrong turn down the service path. Onwards to the next destination!


Here’s a short video of the hike and the small falls flowing.

Hiking Data

Here is the hiking route on the NCT. Again, this is a very easy hike, and a perfect place to be on a nice autumn morning. Take a look if you are in the area visiting other sites, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to hike it again.

Total trip distance of 1.6 miles with 170 feet elevation change. You won’t notice any climb – it is an extremely gentle and gradual grade as shown on the graph below.

Lat = 46.3222618 , Long = -90.7662277 -- Show at Google Maps

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