Mob Museum

The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada

Final stop of my December ’18 trip was at the Mob Museum on the old strip.  Only had a few hours to kill before my flight home and this fit the bill. This place has way too much to cover in a single post but here are the Cliffs notes.  There are 3 floors of … Read more

Lake Mead – White Owl Canyon

Lake Mead - Slot Canyon on the Owl Canyon Trail

After touring Hoover Dam I didn’t have any more set plans so I decided to visit the Lake Mead National Recreation Area visitor center and see what I could find.  Took a short lunch break at Boulder Beach which already has some amazing scenery. Park staff turned me towards a hike at Owl Canyon, a … Read more

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam - Front/Side View

Back in Vegas for the final full day of exploration.  Decided to visit the engineering marvel that is the Hoover Dam and take the tours.  Parking at the free lots above the dam I walked across and like most tourists stopped first to stand across the Nevada-Arizona border. Outside the structures are several art pieces … Read more

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon - Panorama Views

Headed back towards Vegas to get cell reception for funeral arrangements & ended up not needing to cut the trip short.  Was already past Pahrump so decided to stay close to Vegas.  Camping was done for now but booked my best AirBnB to date (seriously if you’re solo check for a listing called “Vital Vegas”, … Read more

Vegas Strip

Out of sheer curiosity and proximity to other things, today I drove to Las Vegas.  AirBnB here is impossible and couchsurfing nonexistent even days in advance.  Booked a last minute hotel at Circus Circus, and after getting jerked around by Expedia (after an hour on the phone it got fixed but…) I set out to … Read more