Interstate State Park – Part 2

Interstate State Park - Horizon Rock Trail / Ice Age Trail segment

Midday detours were complete and I was back at Interstate State Park for part 2 of my visit.  Goal for the afternoon was to hike all the remaining trails which I was able to complete minus one or two small connecting paths. Eagle Peak Trail Starting from my campsite, I walked through the parking area … Read more Interstate State Park – Part 2

Interstate State Park – Part 1

Interstate State Park - Ice Age Trail western terminus overlooking St. Croix River

Yesterday I arrived at Interstate State Park, setup camp, and almost immediately set off searching for waterfalls in the surrounding area.  Not quite sure I did it in that order, just a habit when I’m camping at a site for multiple nights my first day is always getting the “lay of the land”.  Weather was a … Read more Interstate State Park – Part 1

Fails of the Fifth: Three Strikes

Little Falls Lake Rapids failed

Packed up camp at Pattison State Park and hit the road in search of new hiking and waterfalls.  Today started off with more of a whimper than a bang with three complete failures.  Why am I sharing this?  Definitely not for the (lack of) photos, that’s for sure.  Mainly to show that even in failure … Read more Fails of the Fifth: Three Strikes

Kohler Andrae State Park

Kohler-Andrae State Park - Sandhill Crane on Cordwalk south section

Had to work late Friday which bombed my plans to camp for the first time of the year.  Instead, took a day trip to Kohler-Andrae State Park in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  Located directly on the Lake Michigan shoreline, this is actually two parks managed as one unit with portions protected as State Natural Areas.  With only … Read more Kohler Andrae State Park

Piney Falls State Natural Area

Last stop for this Tennessee journey was Piney Falls State Natural Area.  After leaving Ozone Falls I had almost no cell service and had to rely on loose notes & Google map printouts.  Took a chance and eventually found the trailhead – no surprise, with sunset looming I was the only one here. The start of the … Read more Piney Falls State Natural Area

Ozone Falls State Natural Area

Time was moving quickly today, and the sun was getting noticeably lower on the horizon.  Next stop was Ozone Falls State Natural Area, a smaller park with a tall waterfall. I visited the lower section via the Plunge Pool Trail.  Along the way, there is a cave eroded in the cliffs called Gambler’s Den with … Read more Ozone Falls State Natural Area

Aztalan State Park

The final stop on this particular weekend tour was Aztalan State Park located east of Madison, WI.  I had known going in that this particular site wasn’t “epic” in any sense outside of the cultural/historical appreciation aspect and wasn’t expecting much.  Thankfully with that mindset I wasn’t disappointed. First – the rain.  I finally remembered … Read more Aztalan State Park

Parfreys Glen State Natural Area

Parfrey's Glen State Natural Area

A short drive from the main Devil’s Lake State Park area (but still within the park) is Parfrey’s Glen State Natural Area.  Dedicated as the first state natural area in 1952, this is a popular family attraction thanks to easy access and a waterfall at the trail terminus.  Traffic is very busy during weekends/holidays – … Read more Parfreys Glen State Natural Area